Projects on this site are available absolutely for free. I hope that at least one of them is useful for you and you like it. Besides the fact that programming is a great adventure and a sort of passion which gives me a lot of satisfaction, it unfortunately also has its dark side. It forces to spend a lot of time at the computer. Such work requires commitment and tremendous patience.

So, please do make a donation. By making a donation to my bank account (or PayPal account) any amount of money you will show your appreciation for my effort and time spent on the projects (for some more or less useful). It would also be nice to have some funds to pay for the server and from time to time for a lager beer ;). It will also be pretty good motivation for further work.

Please, make a donation to my mBank account (BRE Bank SA). All details are given below. In postscript text, please write the name of the project you want to support (such as for example "Winamp") and if you want you can also add some short comment. This information will let me know which projects you like and that the continuation of the project makes sense.


I would like to thank you all who have already made a donation and thus contributed to the further development of my projects.