The power of Ultimate File Manager is appropriately configured file manager that is enriched with the best plug-ins to extend its functionality and carefully selected external programs. Ultimate File Manager consists of many components that work together. Total Commander file manager (or its free equivalent Multi Commander) is the central and most important component. Their work is complemented by special applications that ensure the correct operation of the entire project. Each of them is designed for a specific use, performing strictly defined tasks. This document describes UFM Elevator application.


UFM Elevator
Author: Paweł Porwisz
License: Freeware
Copyright: Copyright © 2016 - 2023 Paweł Porwisz
Application Name: UFM Elevator (Elevator.exe)
Configuration File: UFM.ini


UFM Elevator (Elevator.exe) is UFM internal application that allows you to run a given program with administrator privileges. Administrator privileges allow you to make changes to the system that may affect all other users. UFM Elevator application allows to elevate privileges for those programs that require higher privileges to function properly (using User Account Control mechanism).






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