Winamp for Windows Documentation

Winamp is the best, freeware media player that allows you to play most audio formats (including Internet Radio Stations) and video. Winamp works with portable media players, allows you to rip and burn CDs, has a built-in media library, graphic equalizer and visualizations. With the advanced plug-in mechanism, you have the possibility to increase its functionality. Thanks to skins Winamp can look and behave as you like...


The Winamp Glossary provides an alphabetical list of selected terms that describe Winamp. Thanks to this, we will quickly find out what some abbreviations or more difficult terms mean.

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  • Agent

    Winamp's taskbar component. Maintains file type associations.

  • APE

    Advanced Plug-in Effect. Third party Effect Module created for AVS.

  • AVS

    Advanced Visualization Studio comes bundled with Winamp. Allows endless user customization.


  • Base Skin

    The standard skin built into Winamp. Also the downloadable template used to create new skins.

  • Bookmark

    Winamp feature that allows quick access to favorite songs or streams.


  • Codec

    Short for coder/decoder. A software program for converting between digital data and analog signals. Winamp uses codecs to play many different kinds of audio files.


  • Developer

    Any one who creates a skin or writes an application or plug-in for Winamp.

  • Discussion List

    A mailing list hosted by to help foster the developer community.

  • DLL

    Dynamically Linked Library. A Win32 property that allows Winamp's plug-in architecture.

  • DoubleSize Mode

    Winamp option that doubles the width and height of the Main and Equalizer components.

  • DSP Plug-in

    A plug-in that manipulates audio data before being sent to the speakers.


  • Easter Egg

    A programming term used for a hidden, often humorous feature.

  • Equalizer

    Winamp component that allows audio tweaking for optimal sound quality.


  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Forum

    A message board hosted by to help foster the Winamp community.

  • Flounder

    Any of various marine flatfishes of the families Bothidae and Pleuronectidae, which include important food fishes.


  • General Purpose Plug-in

    A plug-in that does not require access to audio data.


  • Input Plug-in

    A plug-in that adds a new file type to Winamp's list of supported types.

  • IPC

    Inter-process communication. Basically, anytime one program communicates with another.


  • Language Pack

    A special plug-in that translates most Winamp text.

  • Llama

    A domesticated South American ruminant mammal (Lama glama) related to the camel, raised for its soft, fleecy wool. The only animal fully endorsed by Nullsoft.


  • Mini-browser

    Winamp component that allows internet browsing during audio play.

  • MP3

    MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. A digital audio compression algorithm that acheives a compression factor of about twelve while preserving sound quality.


  • NSDN

    Nullsoft Developers Network. The developers source for official Nullsoft information.

  • NSIS

    Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. Nullsoft's in-house installer utility. Required for plug-in installation.

  • Nullsoft

    Group of benevolent artisans who revolutionize the computer world on a regular basis.


  • Output Plug-in

    A plug-in that directs audio flow to one or more destinations.


  • PiMP

    Plug-in Mini Packager. Predecessor to NSIS.

  • PMP

    Portable Media Player. Creative Zen, Apple iPod, etc. Not to be confused with the original name for NSIS (PiMP).

  • Playlist Editor

    Winamp component that allows easy sorting and sequencing of audio files.

  • Plug-in

    Basis of Winamp architecture. Allows third parties to add functionality to Winamp by "plugging in" additional code.

  • Preset

    Visually pleasing sequence of Effect Modules in AVS or Milkdrop.


  • SDK

    Software Development Kit. All the tools you need to perform a programming job.

  • SHOUTcast

    Nullsoft's internet streaming MP3 solution.

  • Skin

    Interchangeable visual interface for Winamp.


  • Visualization Plug-in

    A plug-in that uses audio data to drive graphics.


  • WAL

    Required format for Modern skins before submittal.

  • WAV

    Widely used uncompressed audio format. Usually more than 10X larger than MP3.

  • Winamp

    The ultimate high-fidelity music player for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Winamp supports MP3, CD and other audio formats, not to mention hundreds of plug-ins and thousands of skins.


    Official website of Winamp. Houses all approved skins, plug-ins, updates, forums, etc.

  • WindowShade Mode

    Winamp option that shrinks most components to a narrow bar with only most basic functionality.

  • WSZ

    Required format for Classic skins before submittal.

  • WVS

    Obsolete name for AVS.