Winamp is the best, freeware media player that allows you to play most audio formats (including Internet Radio Stations) and video. Winamp works with portable media players, allows you to rip and burn CDs, has a built-in media library, graphic equalizer and visualizations. With the advanced plug-in mechanism, you have the possibility to increase its functionality. Thanks to skins Winamp can look and behave as you like...
Winamp Archive

Winamp archive section contains all the older versions of Polish Language Packs, skins and programs for Winamp. All older Winamp language packs and skin translations are not compatible with the current version of Winamp and may only be used with the versions for which they were created. If you are still using an older version of Winamp, an older version of Winamp skin or program for Winamp, here you will find everything you need.

Winamp Tools

Winamp Tools

Winamp Tools is a collection of several tools that perform tasks associated with Winamp. Each tool is designed to do strictly defined job. All About Winamp (WAAbout) allows to get and display all relevant informations about Winamp, Winamp Backup & Restore (WABackup&Restore) allows to create backup of all Winamp files and settings and if it is neccessary restore it, Winamp Translation (WATranslator) allows to simplify and organize Winamp interface translation. You can also install Winamp Tools Launcher. Winamp Tools (WALauncher) is designed only to manage and run Winamp Tools package components.

There is also System Information Tool (it is not available in the package for now - this program allows to get and display all relevant information about user operating system and PC hardare). You can find here more information about Winamp Tools.

Winamp Tools 8.0

Winamp Tools (Downloaded 2567 times. Added: July 17, 2017. File Size: 8,25 MiB)

Winamp Information Tool (Downloaded 1022 times)

Winamp Backup Tool (Downloaded 608 times)

Winamp Translation (Downloaded 731 times)

Winamp Tools 7.1

Winamp Tools (Downloaded 2466 times. Added: February 14, 2017. File Size: 10.4 MiB)

Winamp Information Tool (Downloaded 965 times)

Winamp Backup Tool (Downloaded 537 times)

Winamp Translation (Downloaded 671 times)

Winamp Tools 7.0

Winamp Tools (Downloaded 2265 times). Added: January 7, 2017. File Size: 10.4 MiB)

Winamp Information Tool (Downloaded 873 times)

Winamp Backup Tool (Downloaded 474 times)

Winamp Translation (Downloaded 609 times)

Winamp Tools 6.0

Winamp Tools (Downloaded 2212 times. Added: September 22, 2016. File Size: 10.2 MiB)

Winamp Information Tool (Downloaded 895 times)

Winamp Backup Tool (Downloaded 452 times)

Winamp Translation (Downloaded 620 times)

Winamp Language Pack (PL)

Winamp Language Pack

The first versions of Winamp did not support the multi-language interface. It was introduced few versions later - at first it was just one file, which only allowed to translate the main program. Currently, the entire interface can be translated thanks to WLZ translation system (Winamp Language Zip). I am the Official Polish Translator of Winamp. My Language Pack was developing along with Winamp. At the begining, only the basic elements of interface were translated but over time my translation became more and more complete. Finally, I came to the stage where all the files distributed with Winamp were translated - also default Classic and Modern skins.

On October 9, 2007 Winamp 5.5 was released. Among many fantastic features, Nullsoft introduced new translation system (WLZ) including Official Polish Language Pack (which I prepared in agreement with AOL). In short, translation system is based on one file with WLZ extension (which is de facto a zip archive), which contains all the files needed to translate the Winamp interface (text, graphics, keyboard shortcuts etc).

Winamp 5.65 PL (Downloaded 420 times. Added: June 26, 2013. File Size: 1.8 MiB)

Winamp 5.64 PL (Downloaded 236 times. Added: June 21, 2013. File Size: 1.8 MiB)

Winamp 5.63 PL (Downloaded 320 times. Added: June 20, 2012. File Size: 1.9 MiB)

Winamp 5.623 PL (Downloaded 208 times. Added: December 9, 2011. File Size: 1.9 MiB)

Winamp 5.61 PL (Downloaded 313 times. Added: March 17, 2011. File Size: 1.8 MiB)

Winamp 5.6 PL (Downloaded 299 times. Added: December 6, 2010. File Size: 1.8 MiB)

Winamp 5.58.1 PL (Downloaded 308 times. Added: June 29, 2010. File Size: 864 KiB)

Winamp 5.57.2 PL (Downloaded 303 times. Added: January 12, 2010. File Size: 874 KiB)

Winamp 5.56 PL (Downloaded 336 times. Added: July 2, 2009. File Size: 663 KiB)

Winamp 5.551 PL (Downloaded 296 times. Added: March 9, 2009. File Size: 661 KiB)

Winamp 5.55 PL (Downloaded 346 times. Added: February 27, 2009. File Size: 660 KiB)

Winamp 5.541 PL (Downloaded 277 times. Added: August 4, 2008. File Size: 909 KiB)

Winamp 5.54 PL (Downloaded 963 times. Added: July 8, 2008. File Size: 919 KiB)

Winamp 5.531 PL (Downloaded 338 times. Added: April 1, 2008. File Size: 764 KiB)

Winamp 5.35 PL (Downloaded 308 times. Added: May 28, 2007. File Size: 1.2 MiB)

Winamp 5.34 PL (Downloaded 20301 times. Added: May 5, 2007. File Size: 1.2 MiB)

Winamp 5.33 PL (Downloaded 9305 times. Added: March 3, 2007. File Size: 1.3 MiB)

Winamp 5.32 PL (Downloaded 7738 times. Added: December 7, 2006. File Size: 2.1 MiB)

Winamp 5.31 PL (Downloaded 7238 times. Added: November 15, 2006. File Size: 2.4 MiB)

Winamp 5.3 PL (Downloaded 11847 times. Added: October 26, 2006. File Size: 1.9 MiB)

Winamp 5.24 PL (Downloaded 8533 times. Added: August 1, 2006. File Size: 1.9 MiB)

Winamp 5.12 PL (Downloaded 5795 times. Added: January 27, 2006. File Size: 1.9 MiB)

Winamp 5.1 PL (Downloaded 6952 times. Added: October 1, 2005. File Size: 865 KiB)

Winamp 5.x PL (Downloaded 7742 times. Added: July 23, 2005. File Size: 545 KiB)

Winamp 5.093 PL (Downloaded 3546 times. Added: June 25, 2005. File Size: 672 KiB)

Winamp 5.092 PL (Downloaded 2641 times. Added: June 25, 2005. File Size: 651 KiB)

Winamp 5.08c PL (Downloaded 1796 times. Added: January 15, 2005. File Size: 700 KiB)

Winamp 5.08 PL (Downloaded 3395 times. Added: January 15, 2005. File Size: 620 KiB)

Winamp 5.07 PL (Downloaded 2301 times. Added: January 10, 2005. File Size: 620 KiB)

Winamp 5.06 PL (Downloaded 5368 times. Added: December 7, 2004. File Size: 585 KiB)

Winamp 5.03c PL (Downloaded 4051 times. Added: July 11, 2004. File Size: 329 KiB)

Winamp 5.03a PL (Downloaded 4229 times. Added: May 10, 2004. File Size: 338 KiB)

Winamp 5.02 PL (Downloaded 9856 times. Added: May 8, 2004. File Size: 361 KiB)

Winamp skins (PL)

Skórki Winampa

Winamp supports skins. Skins allow you to change the look and feel of your program. While I was working on the Winamp Language Pack I also translated the default Winamp skins - Classic skin and Modern skin (Modern Skin PL is designed only for Winamp 5.5 or older). I also translated a very popular modern skin - MMD3 (due to changes in the rendering engine of Winamp skins Winamp MMD3 PL Skin is designed only for Winamp 5.5 or older).

Winamp Modern Skin PL (Downloaded 1072 times. Added: December 7, 2004. File Size: 507 KiB)

Winamp Classic Skin PL (Downloaded 2333 times. Added: January 1, 2006. File Size: 138 KiB)

Winamp MMD3 PL Skin (Downloaded 17411 times. Added: December 9, 2006. File Size: 1.1 MiB)