Winamp Tools is a collection of several tools that perform tasks associated with Winamp. Each tool is designed to do strictly defined job. This document describes in detail the installation process and all installed components of Winamp Tools. Winamp Tools can be installed thanks to simple and intuitive installer. Installer is written in NSIS. The installation procedure described in this document should not be a problem for anyone. The installer will copy the required files and configures the system accordingly.

You can download Winamp Tools Installer. Downloaded file is compressed as zip archive. When you finish downloading, you need to uncompress it (using for example free 7zip application). Then you can run installer and install Winamp Tools applications (you can also download all components separately, as portable).


Language selection

First window of installer is language selection window. Installer should automatically display system language as default. You can choose any language from the list. This language will be used in installer and, if it is supported, for Winamp Tools applications (you can translate Winamp Tools installer to your language).

To translate Winamp Tools Installer go to the installation directory (by default "\Winamp Tools\WT\Lang\Installer") and use the "Installer_English.nsh" reference file (you can also translate installer license file. Use the "Installer_English.rtf" reference file).

Welcome Page

Welcome page is informative. This page contains informations about type of installed software and its contents. To go to next page click "Next" button ("Cancel" button stops the installation).

License Page

The text of the license contains information about the type of installed software, a brief description of the installation, the license conditions and contact information. It is recommended to carefully read this text. After this, click "I Agree" button or close installer if you don't agree with license conditions.

Installation Type (normal or portable)

To continue installation you have to choose installation type. Normal installation uses current user settings directory. It is recommanded and default type of installation. Portable installation stores all settings in the installation directory. No data are stored in Windows registry or system directories. No shortcuts are created.

Install Location

Default install location for Winamp Tools in normal installation is: "%PROGRAMFILES%\Winamp Tools" (in portable mode: "%DESKTOP%\Winamp Tools"). You can change it manually using the "Browse..." button. It will display a dialog box with the directory structure, where we can choose directory. On the bottom of the install location page you can find some informations about required and available space on your hard drive. After selecting the directory, click "Next" button.

Warning: If you choose "Portable installation" option on Installation Type Page, you should know that you should not choose system directories as output installation directory (by default the installer saves the installation files in 'Winamp Tools' subdirectory in current user desktop).

Components Page

User can select components to install. Winamp Tools (WALauncher) and All About Winamp (WAAbout) applications are selected by default and can not be unchecked. All other components are optional. Each component has a short description, like name, version and copyright informations (description appears below in a special field and which appears when you hover your mouse over the component area). You can see also an example image that presents icons. There are also predefined installation types: Full, Minimal and User Selection.

You can find below all components that can be installed. All of them (except Winamp Tools (WALauncher) application) can be downloaded separately, as a standalone applications (no need to install, as a portable applications).

Winamp Tools (WALauncher)

Winamp Tools (WALauncher)

Winamp Tools (WALauncher) is designed only to manage and run Winamp Tools package components. It is central application that binds the whole package and is installed by the installer (not available separately). Winamp Tools (WALauncher) interface is very simple and intuitive.

The main window is divided into two parts. On the left sideof the window there are buttons that represent Winamp Tools applications. Active button is marked in bold font, and application that is not installed is grayed out.
When you press any of the left side buttons you will display on the right part of window some basic information about the selected component. The "Run X" button, located at the bottom, runs choosen application.

Except above mentioned Winamp Tools (WALauncher) also inform us if Winamp is installed (if so, displays its version).

Settings allows you to customize application. You can set Always on Top option and Close the program after you run choosen tool. You can customize the look of the header (set color of background and captions, hide the header picture). You can also change the language and appearance of the program.

Winamp Tools (WALauncher) supports different languages. If you want you can translate it to your language. To do it, go to the installation directory (by default "\Winamp Tools\WT\Lang") and use the "English.lng" reference file.

All About Winamp

All About Winamp

All About Winamp (WAAbout) application allows to get and display all relevant informations about Winamp. Results are presented in a compact and readable report file based on text or HTML format. You can find more informations on a special website.

Winamp Backup & Restore

Winamp Backup & Restore

Winamp Backup & Restore (WABackupRestore) application allows to create backup of all Winamp files and settings and if it is neccessary restore it. You can find more informations on a special website.

Winamp Translation

Winamp Translation

Winamp Translation (WATranslator) application allows to simplify and organize Winamp interface translation. It is possibly to generate Winamp Language Pack. You can find more informations on a special webiste.


This page allows you to create shortcuts (only in normal installation). You can create Start Menu shortcuts (for all components), desktop and Quicklaunch shortcuts (Winamp Tools (WALauncher)). You can also pin icons of Winamp Tools components in Start Menu and Taskbar.

Installation Page

This page displays installation progress. Installation log contains information about installed components and its target location.

Finish Page

The last page of the installer is Finish page. This page informs that installation was successful. This page also allows to execute some actions before closing the installer. First of all, it is possible to run Winamp Tools start application.You can also make a project donation. To close the installation wizard click the "Finish" button.